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Love Time at Peace Centre (for those gardening volunteers):
I like to think the energy and time you are willing to donate an outlet of the innate creativity we all need to express to be whole human beings. Yes, its all about love, Baby! Sticking our hands into the soil and grounding our bodies from all the stress of modernity is a Good Thing. The beautification of the flower beds around the buildings will be appreciated by all who come to the centre. All the rain we are getting is great for all the growing things including the weeds! Please feel free to just go down and take on any bed and pull away....the moist soil easily releases the weed roots. I did not notice baby flowers in the bare soil but if someone does please add a comment. On the map below the beds are numbered 1-6 clockwise around the main building, south side being number 1. Two beds are at the building at the ally. Each of these beds have separate characteristics and should be addressed accordingly. For example: bed #1 gets full sun AND sun reflection off wall where bed #5 has little to no sun with Willow tree sap weeping all summer long on any foliage. It would be pretty silly to make the two beds look the same so each should be designed around the location particulars. The general theme for the sunny beds 1&2&7 are the well established and manicured rose bushes. Each bed has a number and notes can be made referring to the particulars when one of you want to "Play God" and bring new life to the bed, whilst maintaining good vs "bad" (i believe all life is good).
So, if you want to get "grounded" carefully pull some weeds and be aware a pitch fork will always find an irrigation line! A butter knife is plenty for the small sized weeds now.
Add a comment below this blog to say what you think or what you would like to do or done. You dont need to put your email addie or full name as this is public (although i do not tell anyone about my blog-its more just a place i throw written creativity whenever i feel the need, and from anywhere). We can see where it goes from there if/when we feel good about assigning beds to people. Call me anytime to discuss if you feel the need....250-317-3966. I live one block away from the Centre and can be there in minutes.
Happy Spring!
HDid It!
Bed Numero Uno is DONE!!! AND i found some amazing super aged horse compost full of worms to spread on bed once weeded. I brought down a scraper and hand fork but the ground is so soft the long screwdriver worked well. Found the green bin and mostly filled with random branch piles but there is still room for dumping little buckets of weeds. Now bed number two is ready to be put to bed as well. The tools are there and waiting for anyone.....(rain coats...for those volunteers waiting for only a sunny day).
pat nelson
8/4/2013 03:13:24 am

Great ideas-- I will head over to do some weeding when the rain stops-I think its a great idea to put some edible items in the beds!!

Val Benedict
8/4/2013 03:25:36 am

Love it! I am excited about the joint effort that will be put into our green spaces at the Peace Centre. I think there will be a lot of love energy flowing....thanks everyone for stepping up. xxoo

9/4/2013 05:12:39 am

OK, I "cast the first stone", so to speak......i started weeding just to get a taste of the weeds there. I left a plastic pail and a long screwdriver in bed #1 for anyone else to use. I suggest we start clockwise around the building doing beds by number. Using the cedar hedge as a dump area to empty the weed pail until something else arrives.
Dandylions are flowering and we have about 48 hrs before kazillion seeds start flying around. Please dig in soon, for any amount of time! There is water flowing from the hose bib in the middle of the house on Pandosy for quick hand washing. I will come back soon and figure out more stuff.....maybe bring some gloves if you dont want dry hands and finger nail dammage. Its OK to be a princess!

25/4/2013 12:55:12 am

Finally filled bed # 2, 3, and 7 with horse compost earlier this week. These were the most visible and would need continuous weed control, hopefully now avoided. Any dandylion seeds flying will collect in the compost so its a good thing to clear the property before they all take to wing. Thanks to all who had helped make the site nice for the weekend yard sale.


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