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Kitchen Gardening

Yup. Thats right! Growin stuff IN the kitchen, not just for it. Live longer by strengthening your gut by making your own super foods. This top picture shows a couple types of seeds i sprout - usually ends up into between seven and nine trays or pots in various stages of growth. Also are the two types of kefir - water and dairy, and kombucha tea. Fermented foods also can be counter grow.  All these help create an alkaline body with variants of probiotics, live active enzymes, polyphenols (fights free radicals). The natural lactic, acetic, and gluconic acids (to name a few) all help digestion and accelerate detoxification. Many other nutritional compounds are produced that are associated with longer life. These are very expensive to buy at health food stores and with little more than 15 min a day for time commitment can all be grown at home.

Its all about Life Force and putting it back into our diets. Plus it still feels like gardening- especially in the winter!

Below is some happy SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria & Yeast) tossing after the class. This hands-on course I created provides the oportunity for many to learn at once vs at the individual requests of friends.

12/6/2015 12:01:04 pm

Wanted to know the June date you may do the class???

I live on Van Island so need some advance notice. Lol


Dirk Kukler
18/8/2016 10:24:57 pm

could you do me a favour and bring your mesh sift to the
Farmers Market on Saturday? I don't want to bug you at
home unnecessary . Thanks

13/3/2019 06:11:21 am

Hi Daniel,
when and where can I pick up some milk Kefir grains?


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