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Kitchen Gardening
Yup. Thats right! Growin stuff IN the kitchen, not just for it. This picture shows a couple types of seeds i sprout - usually ends up into between seven and nine trays or pots in various stages of growth. Also are the two types of keifer - water and dairy, and kombucha tea. All these have some variants of probiotics, live active enzymes, polyphenols (fights free radicals), glucuronic acid (a powerful detoxifier), and many other nutrients all associated with health. These are very expensive to buy at health food stores and with little more than 15 min a day for time commitment can all be grown at home.
Its all about Life Force and putting it back into our diets. Plus it still feels like gardening- especially in the winter!
Dancing Gardener
13/6/2013 01:37:01 am

Interesting website for kombucha and keifer


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