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Hot and Wet!

Is how i like my friends and yoga.....and just in case the oven has finally turned on, its irrigation time! 

My main garden motto i say to myself is "weeding and watering is poor time management".  Final tuning up of spray heads - replace broken ones, clean plugged ones, set flow on adjustable ones, is all up front time that pays for itself in a big way later.  I set my timer for every second day at 80% and like to water around 6 am whilst pressure is strong before everyone starts flushing. Plants grow in the night and roots grow a bit deeper to reach down for moisture. Also a dryer surface in the night inhibits rot, mildew, blight, and the speed that slimy bugs will travel. Ever been hit by a fast moving slug? (actually, sorry to any passing car that may have been hit by me tossing slugs over hedge-i wasn't trying to hit you).

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