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Wealth and Getting to Point B and Gardening:
I measure my wealth by how i travel between destinations. Similarities on how food is grown can be made using similar yardsticks. I consider myself the most wealthy when i walk to point B. It means i have time to get there slowly (time is priceless), whilst smelling the flowers on the way. I am not in need of any hard core cardio and in great health. Next wealthiest would be jogging to point B - fortunate enough to have enough time to get there via feet but needing cardio exercise to maintain health. Riding my bike is still pretty good but usually time constraints and/or the need to carry heavy groceries over greater distances. Poorer is using personal auto - less time to point B but now using fossil fuel and leaving a much larger carbon footprint. Poorest of poor is when i need a big gas guzzling work truck to move big things fast to make money and my time would now be used doing things much less environmentally friendly.......(unless you find my tractor sexy).
Gardening can be looked at similarly replacing the time factor with the size of the garden space.
Walking to point B Is like having a large garden. I also have the time and means to plant, water and maintain, thus super wealthy! - I have much more produce to share with friends which is about the most i can do.
Going down the wealth scale - running, biking, economy automobile, and lastly, a work truck, is another way of looking at it. Like eating fast food as being poorest of all! No time, space, or ability to grow/make ones own, plus the lack of life force left In the processed food. And having to work by joining the rat race. Definitely the bottom of the ladder and furthest from being a whole human being living harmoniously with the earth.
Its all about being in Zen and changing priorities. On a hospital bed the time you used and food you ate to get you there cannot be changed. Best change now and avoid the end result of living like sheeple.

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