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The Great Eh' Scape!

Zombies No, Vampires Yes! For those that love a nice whack of garlic the scape is a wonderful part of the garlic plant usually removed so all the growth energy goes towards underground bulb, rather than flower and bulbill development (bulbill is the big flower that turns into little round balls-seeds). Simply break off scape and eat like asparagus for full shot, or be a whimp and chop it up into cream cheeze for cracker dip like i did in this pic. Easy Peasy!

 Here are some other ideas for using scapes:
add to quiche or omelets
add to any stir fry recipe
chop and add to cream cheese
dry and make a spice
excellent on the grill
use in place of green onions
great in guacamole and salsa
chop and sprinkle over pasta
add to homemade vinaigrette
excellent addition to stocks
good in salads or on bruschette

Freezing Scapes

Cut scapes into  1-2" pieces.  Put cut scapes into a food processor and chop for 15-30 seconds.   Transfer scapes to quart size freezer bags and flatten for ease of storage.  Scapes can be kept frozen for up to 1 year, but are best eaten within 6 months.

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