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Ever fantasized about...all kinds of wet pounding culminating in a frenzy of activity that exceeded the sum of its parts? Hmmmm...me too! Good thing I discovered the Joy of Fermentation....so my fantasy could become reality.

Who knew how fun it could be to ferment veggies. You start with a collection of familiar items...cabbage, carrots, cucumber, kale...chop, dice and slice until you end up with an orgy of colours and flavours in a bowl that you pound and pound until they spew juices filling the bowl with a delicious aroma and a melding that takes on a life of its own.

And why...beyond the obvious desire to mix and mingle juices with others...do you do this?

To create a medley of vegetables that merge forces and ferment into a delicious blend of probiotic goodness in just seven days. You will be familiar with some common fermented veggies such as sauerkraut and kimchee...but did you know you can ferment a variety of veggies in your own kitchen and give yourself life enhancing probiotics naturally and at almost no cost?


And while you wait for this delicious activity to unfold...invite a friend, or two, to come over and check out your veggies...

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