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Daniel's Belief on plant life and Beyond, or "How to Grow Good Food".
I just love analogies because I think its so cool to make things as simple as possible-any fool can mystify & dumfound so here is my take on Life. Lets say you have two glasses of water, one of which has a tablespoon of honey diluted in it. To anyone tasting it it would be obvious which one has the calories, but what if someone had no sense of taste? The two look so similar and yet one would give us so many more benefits if we were shipwrecked on a desert island (one without a coconut tree). So you ask what would something tasting sweet on a hot sandy beach have to do with my belief of life and how i grow food? Nothing and everything!
Going back to the analogy lets replace honey with something we cannot easily see/feel/taste or measure - lets call it Life Force. Lets also replace the glass of water substituting some kind of plant life or food we are to consume into our bodies.....smell what i am cooking? I bet its getting you not thinking about sweet hot coconut taste on hot sunny beaches. Did I mention its still winter in Canada when i am writing this? And that memories of my coconut oil dripping hands caressing hot silky skin - freshly sun toasted, are so easy to distract myself with......
Oh yes, plants and Life Force....I believe plants should be grown in and around the maximum amount of other life forms. I believe the easiest way to achieve this is to observe the natural way of nature - food goes in one end, and poop comes out the other, and we all know who the Boss is (remember the punchline of what body part is most important?). This goes all through the food chain starting with sub microscopic particles from DNA string segments right up in size to cells and ameba and elephants! And those coconut trees growing on the edge of those light white coral sandy beaches......stop that!
So, i believe, anything we grow to eat should be grown in soil that has the most amount of life forms and amongst other plants because, after all...everyone loves some company sometimes. Like, just lying there in the sun letting sweat fill ones belly button until sides of belly and back are tickled by rivulets of sweat is always nicer if you can smell tanning oil cooking on other bodies nearby.
There. In a nutshell. Is my basic principal for growing stuff. Good poop for the roots (lots of leaves, and we all know worms just LOVE to eat them, and plants love worm poop), and cover the soil ( like, where in nature is the soil bared off to high UV, fast temperature and moisture changes, and possibly bad bacteria?). This is enough to think about for now. Back to beachy dreams......long sleek arms and legs to stroke.....hmmm...ZZzzzzzz

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