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Chard Rolls:
Once again, if had only one vegetable i could grow...CHARD would be it! So many ask me what to do with it. In a nutshell i would say "like spinach", and by september the colourful large leaves i love to make chard rolls. Simply cut the spline out and rotate half the leaf slightly overlapping in the middle. This makes a nice sushi kinda mat.

Smear really fat yogurt topped with grated cheezes and pressed garlic. Sprinkle with balsamic and/or herbs....etc,etc,....sky is the limit. Special trick is crush/spread a handful of potato chips. Salt and vinegar or plain, cause most other flavours seem to have MSG. This gives a cool crunch and adds a bit of salt to bring out zest. Especially dependant upon how much garlic you whacked it with.

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