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Monsanto March

Last weekend had about 500 people come march against Monsanto. I waved my own banner.
Daniels Gardening Site:

Over 30 years of pioneering the use of deep mulch to create the highest level of food one can grow.
This was a cool idea to make my first blog on the smartest smart phone in the known universe until i found the screen wont go sideways and my thumbs cannot type comfortably in vertical mode on my spanky white 64GB I5 which makes for incredibly long runon sentences like this one.
And if there are speeling errors i dunt care. Free is free. If Weebly makes me type with one fat thumb uncorrected, then that just makes me a whole lot tougher, cause other than hand cancer from phone radiation it wont kill me.
Sorry that this blog appears in reverse chronilogical order. Read from the bottom up if you want to make better sense.

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