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Bad Sucker?

Is there such a thing? Many ask, but those that know tomatoes, know "once up, best keep up"! The sucker i am pointing to, and all the others on the base of the plant can cause it to fall over. Great if you dont stake or you are really short. Just pinch or press sideways to break off. I like my larger plants tall so i break off all suckers till the plant is about 2 ft tall. It keeps the foliage away from the ground thus less bugs on plant, less moisture and more air to prevent leaf blight, and less hindrance of water spraying from my low irrigation heads. 

20/6/2013 12:40:23 am

What about for tomato plants in pots... what do you suggest?

22/6/2013 03:20:24 am

Good Question. I have found its all about the brain (root). The bigger the brain, the bigger the plant and fruit. I have had plants bear fruit that were still in the 3" pots. Funny how it looked like a Charley Brown christmas tree with the one tomato pulling the top down like an orniment. There are plant varieties that grow well in containers. Any that say "patio" work well of course, but a good rule of thumb would be to pick a smaller plant with smaller sized fruit, and use the largest container available.


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