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Almost all done! Its mid November with barely a few frosts and micro snowfalls. My main garden has all been blanketed with leaves. The soils micro organisms and worms will still be partying it up all winter, totally unaffected by the cold. The warm moist super live soil will be ready to have root and seeds inserted cum end of winter. Meanwhile, i have the last of my tomatoes to eat with lots if still growing celery, chard, kale, orange cauliflower, dried beans on vine, sprouting garlic, carrots, beets, Potatos, and a few cold resistant herbs like origano, rosemarry and sage.

If the oil ran out i would still be eating all winter!


Rooftop gardening is fun! Fluid transport totes make really big planters. My red fingerling and black russian potatos will be easy to harvest from through the winter.


It's time to put the beds to sleep for the winter and feed the worms.

To prep the beds, pull the veggie plants up by the roots and remove the sticks.

Then spread leaves at no less than one bag per 9 square feet. Use no walnut or doggy pooped leaves. This is what 40 bags look like. I always save about this many for late summer as the rest of the 300 bags have generally turned into worm poop by then. Be aware leaves need a minimum of 6 months decomposing before roots can use the nutrients.


8 zones in 8 minutes...Simply make your irrigation valves removable! No need to blow out lines if all are polly. The valves are the only parts that will break when water expands 9% upon freezing. Also the most expensive!

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