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Food Support - COFPC

Sunday was the big planting at the Eco Centre at Mission Creek park. Elana and Ann are standing in Kelowna's "Food Forest", a planned conglomeration of native and other hardy plants carved out of a weedy forest bed. See more about this cool group that is really doing something for sustainable local food production. Central Okanagan FoodPolicy Council:


This group is watchdogging agricultural land reserves  (ALR) and all kinds of good things relating to local food sustainability.


Strawberry Garlic? I bet you though i had something weirder than my strawberry spinach! This is just me organizing my strawberry plants that had run amock. By digging out and reshaping the row I grow garlic on either side of the strawberry plants once the slightly raised row holds the strawberry plants from getting too buried by my deep mulch process. The garlics, Red Russian and Hungarian Butter, are both hard neck varieties. The hard neck makes it very easy to find them if harvested too late as the stalk stays stuck in the bulb all season.


Potato Pot

How easy was that? About a double handful of these tasty morsels can be produced in one 5 gallon pot. Red Fingerling and Black Russian potatoes (purple) are small heirloom varieties not requiring peeling. 

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