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An a peas ing Ides of March was had by getting 8 flats of peas started. Each flat consists of 40 tapered holes previously used for growing small tree plugs used in reforestation. And i put two peas per plug so thats 640 plants, half short bush type (2ft) p and he rest mixed 6 ft tall plants. The flats i fill and lightly pack with my freshly sifted magic compost soil, i seed, then firmly pack another inch of peat moss/perlite starter soil i call "fluff". There is no life in it but also no random seeds, thus no weeding will be required whilst the seedlings will have a full spectrum of microbial nutrition rich growing cradle. The tapered shape allows the roots to go deep when replanting through the compact blanket of mulch. YIPPIE! I think i finally started them early enough!!!

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